Incentives and Funding

Jackson County Incentives

Jackson County offers a discretionary incentive program that packages the support you need to help your business thrive, from cash grants to site assistance to utility connections. In addition, we offer a statutory incentive program based on job creation and minimum investment, helping companies find the resources they need to locate here in our county.

Our incentive policies, which assist businesses in bridging critical financing gaps, can provide an array of tools for new and expanding businesses, including loans, grants, site development, land and infrastructure assistance.

Revolving Loan Program

The Jackson County Revolving Loan fund was established to assist qualified small businesses with gaps in financing. The fund is managed by local government and is vetted through a Loan Review Committee, appointed by the Board of Commissioners, to determine feasibility.The Board of Commissioners makes the final decision regarding the approval or denial of all loan applications.

Economic Development Strategic Policy

For applications and more information, please contact the Office of Economic Development at 828-631-2240 or email –

North Carolina Incentives

North Carolina’s targeted, performance-based incentive programs lessen the tax burden and lower overall costs for companies who are locating and doing business in our state. Companies that meet certain requirements can take advantage of tax credits and other incentives, including sales and use tax discounts, exemptions and refunds, discretionary programs and other cost-saving programs.

These incentives are intended to support you in your business endeavors, and our office is happy to assist you in navigating the state incentives programs.

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